What is the best holding denture adhesive?

That is the million dollar question for anyone with bottom dentures that won’t stay in.  The answer isn’t a straight forward one.    Which denture adhesive that works best for you is really a case of trial and error because your saliva.  The chemical makeup of your saliva plays such a large role in which adhesive will work.  The adhesive that works for you probably won’t work the same for another.  Not matter which adhesive works for you, hot drinks will continue to be a problem.  The heat will gradually loosen any adhesive on the market today.  This is caused by the heat thinning the adhesive material and then losing grip against the oral tissues.  Remember a regular clinical reline on your dentures should lessen your need for any adhesive.  The application of our patented product, Stabil-Dent, can also help as it can lessen your need for adhesives, help them perform better and sometimes eliminate the need for them.  Watch our 1 minute video to see how it can help.

What is the best denture adhesive available?

People usually want to know what is the strongest denture adhesive because of their frustration with them.  First it is good to know that there are 3 different types of denture adhesives.  The first type would classified as a ‘powder type’, meaning you shake the adhesive into the tissue area of the denture.  Second would be classified as a ‘paste’.  These would be something like toothpaste and you place it in the tissue area of the dentures.  Third would be a form of denture liner that you actually cut to fit your denture shape and then place this cut form in the tissue areas of the dentures.  As stated above none of these types are better or stronger than the other and require trial and error to find the on that works best for you.

what is the best denture adhesive

Denture wearers generally have the most issues with their lower denture; so is there a  best denture adhesive for lower dentures?  Unfortunately  there is not a denture adhesive designed specifically for lower dentures.  The issue is simply the natural design of the lower jaw, it does not allow for suction like is used to hold upper dentures    I’ll again put a little plug in for Stabil-Dent here as it is specifically designed for the lower denture.  Its’ patented design works with your tongue to be held down naturally and in turn stabilizing your lower denture.  It can lessen your need for denture adhesives and sometimes eliminate the need for them all together.  We know denture adhesives can be frustrating, it is simply a matter of trial and error to find the adhesive that works best with your saliva content and oral conditions.