Implant Retained Lower Dentures Are Incomplete

You won’t hear much about the rear of implant retained lower dentures when they are being prescribed for you.  Look at the rear of an implant retained lower denture and what do you see?  Nothing.  Sure the front is retained by snapping on but what about the back?   What holds the rear of the denture down to prevent the denture from lifting and allowing food and debris to get under the denture?  Stabil-Dent lower denture stabilizers solve the common problem of lower denture lift.  Our simple, patented design allows the tongue to provide downward pressure on the stabilizers, this in turn keeps the rear of the denture from lifting up.  Don’t spend thousands on an implant retained lower dentures and be uncomfortable and unhappy with debris getting under them.   Stabil-Dent will last the entire life span of your denture and there is absolutely no maintenance required for the stabilizers.

alternative to dental implantsNeed An Affordable Alternative To Dental Implants?

Those on a budget, such as seniors, may not be able to afford the sky rocketing costs of dental implant retained dentures.  Others may not want to go through the invasive and painful procedure required for dental implants or take the chance of implant failures.    Stabil-Dent lower denture stabilizers give consumers an option. By simply adding Stabil-Dent lower denture stabilizers to a standard lower denture you can get the stabilized feeling of implant retained dentures for a fraction of the cost of dental implants.    Simply add them to your lower denture in the comfort of your own home at the time of your choosing.  Click here to see how lower denture stabilizers work.