Answer “yes” to any of these questions and we think Stabil-Dent lower denture stabilizers will benefit you.

  • Frustrated with repeated trips to the dentist only to find yourself dealing with the same loose lower denture issue?
  • Using more & more denture adhesive with no results?
  • Having trouble speaking because your lower denture flips up?
  • Getting food trapped under your lower denture?
  • Having your lower denture pop out of your mouth?

Have you…

  • Been told that you need to accept your situation?
  • Tried everything to secure your lower denture but have had little to no success?
  • Been advised by your dentist that you need dental implants costing $2,500-$7,500?

How To Get The Most From Stabil-Dent

Stabil-Dent’s patented design is extremely effective but to get the most from Stabil-Dent please compare your lower denture with the pictures below.  If your lower denture looks similar to the denture on the right you will experience the most benefits from the application of Stabil-Dent.  If you denture looks like the denture on the left we suggest a clinical reline to extend the sublingual area before applying Stabil-Dent.

sublingual area of lower denture

relined lower denture

You can also try this simple test to see if you need to reline your lower denture before applying Stabil-Dent.

  1. Place the tip of your tongue on the tongue side of the last back tooth.
  2. Slide the tip of your tongue down towards the floor of our mouth.
  3. Can your tongue go under the edge of you lower denture?
  4. If so you need a reline so that this area [sub-lingual area] can be extended.  This is the area that creates stability for the lower denture (with or without Stabil-Dent)
  5. We strongly suggest having a clinical reline performed as other types are usually a waste of time and money.  See our explainer page on relines for more information.