Lower Denture Stabilizer Kits

  • Home Kit: Stabil-Dent® Lower Denture Stabilizers

  • 2 Home Kits: Stabil-Dent® Lower Denture Stabilizers


Denture Sore Spot Find And Remove Kit

Combination Kits-Lower Denture Stabilizers and Sore Spot Find And Remove

  • 1 Denture Sore Spot Find And Remove Kit and 1 Stabil-Dent® Lower Denture Stabilizer Kit

  • 1 Denture Sore Spot Find And Remove Kit And 2 Stabil-Dent® Lower Denture Stabilizer Kits


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Lower Denture Stabilizer Professional Installation

lower denture stabilizers

Professional Installation

We will gladly install (kit included) Stabil-Dent Stabilizers on your lower denture for you and also modify or customize the Stabilizers to insure proper function with your denture.  Simply order our Professional Installation and click HERE to ship your denture to us.  24-hour turnaround. United States Purchases Only.  Please call for a brief consultation before purchasing our Professional Installation.