It's Time To Stabilize Your Lower Denture
And Get Rid Of Sore Spots


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Lower Denture Stabilizer Kits

Denture Sore Spot Find And Remove Kit

Combination Stabilizers And Sore Spot Kits

Leave The Application To Us

Professional Installation

We will gladly install (kit included) Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers on your lower denture. We will also modify or customize the Stabilizers to insure proper function with your denture.  Simply call for a short consultation about your lower denture and shipping instructions.  The rate for our professional installation is $175.00* and that includes the stabilizer kit and return shipping.  Turn around time is one day plus return shipping which averages 3-5 days.  

*Please note every denture is made differently, sometimes we may not be able to attach the stabiilizers due to the dentures construction.  


stabildent lower denture applied to lower denture stabilizers


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