Answers To The Most Common Questions Asked About Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers

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Absolutely not.  Stabil-Dent will last the lifetime of your lower denture but if for some reason you want to remove it, simply sand it away.

Absolutely.  Patients who have been using adhesives without results report a very stable denture once Stabil-Dent is added to their lower denture.  Some have been able to stop using adhesives while others use it with their adhesive as another supporting force. If our product did not work we would not have gone to the trouble and expense of patenting it.

Stabil-Dent will not correct a poorly made denture or a denture that has not been maintained. Stabil-Dent stabilizes the rear of your lower denture up and down, front to back and left to right but does not provide direct hold like adhesives or implants.  Click here to read how a proper reline and Stabil-Dent work together.

It may take about two days to get comfortable with the feeling of the stabilizers.  Patients report after a couple of days they do not even know they are in their mouth.

Very simple, just take your time and follow our written or video instructions. From a Stabil-Dent customer: “I had no problem installing the stabilizers on my lower teeth and ordered a second pair to put on wife’s teeth.  I am going to put them on my neighbor’s teeth for him as he has the shakes in his hands.  The instructions are simple – just follow them without any short cuts.”

We first recommend contacting us so we can help with the problem you are having.  It may be as simple as sanding the stabilizer down a little bit.  If you would like to completely remove them they are easily sanded away.

Stabil-Dent always performs best with a laboratory relined lower denture and we highly recommend a reline before applying Stabil-Dent.  Stabil-Dent will not correct a poorly made denture or a denture that has not been maintained.  Click here to read how a proper reline and Stabil-Dent work together.

We will accept returns and provide a full refund for a Stabil-Dent Home Kit that is opened but unused.  Return  shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  Although we cannot accept returns and provide refunds for Stabil-Dent Home Kits that have been used we will do everything we can to make sure you are pleased with the performance of Stabil-Dent.  Please contact us at 1-406-257-5283 (8AM-4PM MST Mon-Thur) or for any questions about returns or refunds.

Once the stabilizers are placed on the denture there is NO maintenance of any kind that is required – other than general cleaning of the denture. There are no clips, O-rings, locators or other necessary retaining devices to worry about.  Stabil-Dent Stabilizers will last the life of the denture.

We generally don’t recommend adding Stabil-Dent to immediate dentures due to the dramatic tissue changes that occur. We typically advise waiting six months.  Each patient is different though and we invite to you contact us with questions about Stabil-Dent on your immediate denture.

Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers can be utilized on some lower partial dentures and cannot be used on others.

If you have a lower partial denture that replaces all or most of the posterior (back) teeth on both sides of your lower dental arch and these denture teeth are held in place by acrylic (plastic) saddles (the plastic area that fits over the bone), you can benefit by using the Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers.  (See Below).

We have experimented with a couple of patients that only had an acrylic saddle on one side of their lower partial and they said they worked great.  If your lower partial is “all” metal, you will not benefit from the stabilizers.

If you fall into any of these categories please contact us and we will be most happy to speak with you and give you advice to see if Stabil-Dent will work on your lower partial denture.

When a lower partial denture is constructed short of the sublingual area, we highly suggest extending that missing area of the partial denture, so the tongue has a platform to rest upon.  If the partial denture is not extended, the stabilizers can cut into the edges of the tongue and cause severe pain and  discomfort.

No, Stabil-Dent is designed for lower dentures only. The upper denture is held in place by suction created at the rear of the denture and if your upper denture is loose you might be in need of a reline.  While we always suggest a reline in a clinical setting we have seen good results from DenSureFit.  It is a temporary soft denture reline kit that is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for denture adhesives.  You can read more about DenSureFit here.

Yes & Yes.  The stabilizers can be added to any existing full lower denture and a lower partial denture that has replaced the missing back teeth.  It can also be fabricated into a new lower denture or lower partial denture that is replacing the missing back teeth.

No! At Stabil-Dent, we advise our patients that the use of denture adhesives is alright during the initial healing process after extraction of the natural teeth. To do so with your permanent dentures is ill advised in our opinion. What happens in reality is you are actually doing damage to your tissues because the ill-fitting denture is placing undue pressures on specific areas of the alveolar [bone ] structures rather than sitting evenly on all of the bone surface.

Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers are patented and are manufactured in the USA and are made utilizing medical grade materials. They were designed by a denture specialist and educator with over 45 years of clinical, teaching and dental laboratory experience.

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