What Lower Denture Stabilizer Users Have To Say:


I just put these in yesterday and the instructions were amazing!!! I already see a difference in my ability to speak more clearly.

B.G. from Ohio

I want to thank you for these they are wonderful. I just got my lowers and they wouldn’t stay down when I eat.   After these I can eat just about anything they are wonderful.  Thank you again.

Another Stabil-dent user  enjoying a stabilized lower denture!

I’ve ordered two of your kits.  It’s truly a great product!

A happy Stabil-Dent user from the United Kingdom

“I want every one to know that the Stabil-Dent procedure that was done on my lower denture is amazing. This is the best thing that could ever happen to loose fitting lower dentures.   I can even sleep in my dentures over night.  I love it and thanks for giving me my smile back.  I thought I was stuck after going back to Affordable Dentures for another reline and they said that was all they could do and I’d have to live with my loose dentures.”

It sounds like Dorothy in MS is happy with her lower denture stablizers!

We got a nice review recently from a customer using Stabil-Dent along with their favorite adhesive-“Since I installed my stabil dent I see much improvement with keeping my lower dentures in place. I use to have to re apply denture paste after my morning coffee and after or during a meal but now I go through the whole day without having to re apply paste.Thank you so much for this product that really works.”

lower denture stabilizer testimonial

It’s not everyday we get an OMG!  Thanks Colleen.

happy lower denture stabilizer customer

I hope this card says it all.  Thank you so very much.  I wear my lower dentures.  Everything I read on your website was true.  To be able to speak and eat and feel so comfortable, WOW.  And the best thing other than they feel good; no more denture adhesives.  Oh, how I hated that.

Denise P.-MI  Thank you!

I’ve had dentures for 40 years and know the problems that one faces with a lower denture. A friend of mine heard of this new breakthrough and had her lower denture done, so I called and made an appointment. I’m so pleased with the outcome, no denture adhesives and I can eat anything without the denture flipping up. Say NO to implants and YES to the stabilizer as you can’t beat the price and it really works. Believe me this is a miracle for a lower denture. You will not regret having this done.

Meredith B. – MT – Say NO to implants and YES to the stabilizer

When I first got my lower plate, I had lots of trouble keeping it in place. Every time I opened my mouth or tried to eat it would come up and about fall out of my mouth. Glacier Denture Center put stabilizers on my lower plate and I am now able to eat normally and open my mouth without the fear of losing my teeth.
Joe C. – MT – I am now able to eat normally

I have been wearing a lower denture for a couple of years and it didn’t take long for issues with my denture to arise: loose fitting; couldn’t chew or talk without coming close to losing them, etc. The cost of implants was prohibitive therefor not an option. So, I endured the best I could and just used a lot of fix-a-dent. Then about three months ago, Dr. K. introduced me to Stabil-Dent. He took my existing denture attached the Stabil-Dent Stabalizer on my lower plate and now it stays in place pretty much like the upper denture! I feel confident speaking in public and don’t end up biting my tongue when chewing tough foods. I could go on about the benefits the Stabil-Dent has provided me, but that would run into paragraphs. Just leave it to say I am one extremely satisfied denture stabilizer customer.
Lee C. – MT – I am one extremely satisfied denture stabilizer customer.

I had always heard that having a lower denture was uncomfortable and hard to keep in place. However, with the stabilizer, my denture stays in place and makes it much more comfortable and easier to eat. Thank You!
Kay A. – UT – With the stabilizer, my denture stays in place

I’ve been wearing dentures for 58 years. I called Glacier Denture Center to get new dentures after 28 years. Was I ever surprised? My bottom plate stayed in place. It was because of what were called “wings”. Today they are called “Stabil-Dent”. Fantastic! I can eat any and everything and no flip-flopping. Have to admit even being nauseated, the plate stayed in place; thanks to Glacier Denture Center and Stabil-Dent.
Helen B. – ID – Thanks to Glacier Denture Center and Stabil-Dent.

Wow, it really works – just like you advertise. Everyone should get these. Thank you.
Sue B. – AZ – Denture Stabilizers: Everyone should get these.

I thought your product seemed to good to be real but I got it anyway. Now I want one for my wife’s lower denture. Best money I’ve spent on teeth.
Glen L. – ID – Stabildent: Best money I’ve spent on teeth.

A friend of mine told me about your lower denture stabilizer recently and that she had purchased them for her denture. She said you won’t believe the difference in your teeth. I purchased some for myself and cannot believe how much better my denture feels now that it is not moving around in my mouth. Excellent idea, now I can forget about implants.
Sandra N. – AK – Lower Denture Stabilizer – Now I can forget about implants

I saw Dr. Kandarian at the Glacier Denture Center to obtain my first dentures. His excellent workmanship caused me to revisit his office to purchase a replacement set of dentures years later. I was introduced to his new lower denture stabilizers and opted to get installed on my lower denture. I now have them and I love them; my lower denture does not shift or lift as I move my tongue. I feel very fortunate to be one of the first individuals to receive this amazing product. I highly recommend this small yet miraculous alteration to lower dentures to everyone!
Lorretta J. – MT – Lower denture stabilizers – I now have them & I love them

I ordered the kit and I had my granddaughter put them on because my hands are not very steady. I can’t believe how my lower denture stays in place now. I always had to put stickem in and now I don’t have to. It does what they say. I would recommend this product.
Marjorie P. – FL – My lower denture stays in place now.

What can I say they are just great, and believe me, I was skeptical. I will spread the word.
Ruth B. – IL – What can I say they are just great, and believe me, I was skeptical.

All you lower denture wearers if you think you cannot put these on, you can always have someone else put these wings on as I did. And I plan on putting a set on my spare set. They work great. It’s unbelievable how the lower denture stays down!
John C. – CA – It’s unbelievable how the lower denture stays down.

Never heard of this product before, I will try anything to get rid of the nightmare of my lower denture. So I put them on and WOW what a difference it made in my mouth. It does what it says and more. I will definitely recommend this product.
Albert S. – TX – Get rid of the nightmare of my lower denture

I was using denture adhesives to hold my lower denture in and then I heard of Stabildent stabilizers from my daughter. She found them on the internet and she ordered them for me. I followed the instructions and now I use NO Fixodent or denture glues what-so-ever. What a relief and I gladly sing their praise. If you don’t have these stabilizers – you are truly missing out!
Paul C. – KS – If you don’t have these stabilizers – you are truly missing out!

I am in my late 70’s and have never been happy wearing my lower dentures. I have had 5 sets of dentures. My son has a friend who had these placed on his denture and he says there great. So my son called and ordered some for me. He said nothing ventured, nothing gained. As I said, I have been wearing dentures for over 50 years, since I got out of the army in 1960. NEVER has my lower denture felt so comfortable and stable as it does now. They stay down when I eat and talk, I can’t believe they are the same dentures. These “stabilizers” should be original equipment on ALL lower dentures. Take it from an old fuddy-duddy, if you don’t have these stabilizers on your denture you are trying to survive in the Dark Ages. Been There & Done That!
Clifford B. – GA – NEVER has my lower denture felt so comfortable!