Learn About The Safe Alternatives To Adhesives With Zinc In Them


Basically you have your choice of most name brand denture adhesives on the market.  All the name brand creams, powders and wafers all have no zinc options.  There is one glaring problem though, as denture wearers know, none of them really work.  That is a bit of a problem!  Our patented lower denture stabilizers are an obvious option but lets explore the zinc problem for a moment as we believe the problem is much deeper than zinc in denture adhesives. There are a couple of issues here; one obviously being the zinc in denture adhesives. The other is much more subtle.  Why are denture wearers using so much denture adhesive in the first place?  We believe there are two answers.  People are not buying new dentures when they need them because of the high cost. 
Secondly, and sadly, there is a lack of skilled denture providers to provide proper clinical relines.  The practice of denture making and relining is fast becoming a lost art.  Sometimes dentures are even made overseas after impressions are taken.  With a properly relined denture, the denture wearer is automatically exposed to less zinc because the bottom denture fits better.  Not to mention the wearers overall quality of life improving with a properly made/relined denture.  Our advice (we know it is difficult) is to find a denture provider than can provide a clinical reline and avoid masking the problems with large amounts of adhesives that can lead to unwanted zinc exposure. 

More Denture Maintenance=Less Need For Denture Adhesive

Due to recent studies large amounts of Zinc are no longer used in denture adhesives.¬† Tests were done from approximately 2008 ‚Äď 2010 on patients in different studies and found that the main danger from zinc in denture adhesives was an imbalance in their copper levels.¬† This condition lead to crippling disabilities and usually lead to numbness and tingling in their fingers and toes.¬† This then progressed to¬†Neuropathy.¬† The one common factor that was discovered with all of the patients examined was the over-use of denture adhesives.¬†
Too many people have become accustomed to using large amounts of denture adhesives, so they can avoid denture relines.  This may be due to cost or lack of access to a clinical reline.  Denture wearers need to realize dentures need to fit correctly without the necessity for denture adhesives to begin with and also need regular maintenance.

Secure Your Denture with Confidence: Lower Denture Stabilizers Are An Option

With all this in mind, denture wearers may be interested in eliminating denture adhesives completely with the application of Stabil-Dent lower denture stabilizers.  They are a completely new way of stabilizing a lower denture.  They are a great option for denture wearers that may have an allergy to denture adhesives as well.  
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