Sore Gums From Dentures?  Eliminate Denture Sore Spots

If you’ve ever worn dentures or partials you’ve experienced denture sore spots and sore gums from dentures.   Now you can eliminate painful denture sore spots in minutes and in the comfort of your own home.  Our effective and easy to use kit entails the same procedures used in dental practices. Simply paint on the provided paste and apply pressure with the denture/partial in your mouth.  The paste will then reveal the part of your denture or partial causing the sore spot.  You can then sand the spot down to relieve the pain and soreness. Denture Sore Spot Find and Remove works on all upper and lower dentures and partial dentures.   In a matter of minutes your denture will be immensely more comfortable.  Eliminate the hassle of dental appointments and of course the high cost; find and remove your denture sore spots easily and quickly with our do it yourself kit.

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Relief From Sore Gums In Minutes

Easy To Do:  Paint, Locate And Sand Away

Same Technique Used In Dental Practices

relief from sore gums caused by denture sore spots

How Denture Sore Spot Find And Remove™ Works

Note:  Lower denture shown in instructions has Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizers applied.

  1. Thoroughly wash denture/partial denture.

clean denture for sore spot indicator

2. Completely dry denture /partial denture.  Paste will not adhere to wet or moist denture /partial denture

dry denture for sore spot indicator

3. Paint a coat of Sore Spot Finder, with the provided brush, on the area of the denture/partial denture where the sore is located in your mouth.

denture sore spot indicator

4. CAREFULLY place the denture/partial denture into your mouth – DO NOT touch any area of Sore Spot Finder on the denture/partial denture with your fingers.

easily find and remove denture sore spots

5. With the denture/partial denture in your mouth, bring your teeth together and swallow.  This will place the most pressure against the denture/partial denture and reveal the pressure point/sore spot.

denture sore spot find and remove

6. CAREFULLY remove the denture/partial denture without touching any area of Sore Spot Finder.

how to remove denture sore spots

7. The sore area of the denture/partial denture will push the Sore Spot Finder away and reveal only the denture/partial denture plastic (pink area).

easily reveal denture spot

8. Sand the revealed (pink) area with # 100 coarse sandpaper to lower the high spot.  Place denture, teeth down, on a table for secure sanding.  (People suffering from arthritis may find it more comfortable to use an emery board of similar grit.)

denture sore spot removal

9. Rinse and dry denture/partial denture again.

denture sore spot kit

10. Place denture back into your mouth and swallow to see if the sore area has been relieved.

11. If not, re apply another coat of Sore Spot Finder over the area you just sanded and repeat steps 4 – 11.

denture sore spot find and remove

12. Repeat these steps until sore areas are gone. PLEASE NOTE: it may take several hours for the sore areas to no longer hurt, although the pressures will be reduced and some relief will be felt.

Eliminate denture sore spots

13. Sand the revealed area again with # 150 fine sandpaper to smooth the denture/partial denture for comfort.

way to remove denture sore spot

14. Use provided gauze to clean off sore spot indicator paste and thoroughly rinse denture/partial before reinserting denture/partial in your mouth.

finish denture sore spot kit